[k l aː ŋ ʃ p ɛ k t r ʊ m]

Trio [k l aː ŋ ʃ p ɛ k t r ʊ m]

The trio [k l aː ŋ ʃ p ɛ k t r ʊ m] was founded in 2020 and already won the first prize of the German Music Competition in the category "Ensemble for New Music" and the Special Prize for New Music of the Ensemble Academy Freiburg as well as a scholarship from the Marie-Luise Imbusch Foundation Lübeck the following year. The wide range of tonal colours of the three instruments enables the young musicians Paula Breland (clarinet), Jennifer Aßmus (violoncello) and Anna-Katharina Schau (accordion) to develop their own distinctive tonal language. Although the instruments seem unrelated at first glance, the air, knobs and strings vibrate together wonderfully so that they can sound as one and at the same time offer an inexhaustible spectrum of sound. The active artistic exploration of new playing techniques on the respective instruments, the exploration of new sounds and the creation of new works for this instrumentation in collaboration with young composers such as René Kuwan, Rachel C. Walker and Philipp Henkel form the focus of their work. The trio finds important impulses in Jens Thoben, Goran Stevanović, Max Riefer and Tatjana Prelevic, among others. Since its foundation, the trio has been successful in national and international competitions and achieved first prizes at the Accordion Music Prize in Bruchsal and at the International Competition Val Tidone/Italy.

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Duo Amabile

The unique combination of clarinet and accordion enables the musicians Paula Breland (clarinet) and Anna-Katharina Schau (accordion) to unfold a colourful palette of sounds with soloistic precision and chamber-musical fusion.The duo was accepted into the concert promotion of the German Music Competition in 2021 and is now a guest at renowned festivals in Germany such as the Altenberger Kultursommer.
Paula Breland and Anna-Katharina Schau won the German Music Competition Prize and several special prizes as a contemporary music ensemble with their trio [k l a ː ŋ ʃp ɛ k t r ʊ m].Fascinated by the sound of their instruments, the two musicians came together in 2016. Founded at the Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media, the ensemble first won a scholarship from Yehudi Menuhin-Live music now e.V. and shortly afterwards a scholarship from the Hanover region. The wide-ranging repertoire includes music from the Renaissance to contemporary compositions and world premieres composed for Duo Amabile.

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